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Bridged network does not install correctly on Windows 7 host ...

 First rule out any firewall-issues - in some desktop firewalls you may need to allow VMware.
Some VPN clients also badly interact with the VMware bridge - disable them for testing.
Next rule out any miss-configuration.
Open the Virtual Network Editor and disable "automatic bridging"
Assign a physical nic to vmnet0 - use that one that should be used for the default bridge.
Assign a second physical nic to vmnet2.
Assign a third physical nic to vmnet3 and so on..

If that still does not help
check existance of this files in systemroot\system32

check existance of this files in systemroot\system32\drivers

if any of this files is missing or in case you can not start the service manually with

net start vmnetbridge

consider reinstalling it. To do that open a cmd and navigate to the installation directory and run


vnetlib -- uninstall bridge

 this command will not give any feedback. Reboot now. After reboot re-install with

vnetlib -- install bridge

If you are prompted for a path to one of the listed files - provide the path to your installation directory - it should have copies of the files. You may also find them in the driverstore directory. Reboot a last time and test again.

If it still does not work re-install Workstation.


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