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this class of parameters configures the behaviour of the virtual BIOS of a VM

bios.bootDelay = "5000"    
sets the boot delay in milliseconds
introduced in WS 6.0.1 / Fusion

bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"
force the VM to enter BIOS on next boot
introduced in WS 6.0.1 / Fusion

bios440.fileName = "name of replacement bios file"    
replace theoriginal VMware BIOS with your own one - highly experimental and unsupported of course

bios.bootOrder = "ethernet2"    
bios.bootOrder = "ide0:0"
bios.bootOrder = "scsi0:0"

NEW: in WS 7 and Fusion 3 you can set the boot-device ...
the first example boots from the second nic
the second example boots from IDE-disk or CDrom
the last example boots from scsi-disk at controller 0 : 0

the device must be present - otherwise this will be ignored


SMBIOS.reflectHost = "TRUE"

Tags: bios, vmx

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