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The vmx-file uses an ini-like format without  section names.

The tpical syntax is :
parameter = "value"

If the parameter is used as a switch the values are "TRUE" or "FALSE"

If the parameter allows several options the values may vary.

If the parameter specifies a numeric value it looks like this
numvcpus = "2"

If the parameter specifies a path the value differs from platform to platform

scsi0:0.filename = "E:\test.vmdk
scsi0:0.filename ="/home/user/vms/test.vmdk"
A path that uses spaces in the name must be used inside quotes.

Parameters starting with a dot should be listed first like
.encoding = "windows-1252"

The sequence of parameters does not matter.
Sorting alphabetically is allowed.

Comments can be added like this
# this line is a comment

A parameter like
scsi0.present = "true"
works like a main-switch.
If enabled all other parameters starting with scsi0 will be used.
If disabled all other parameters starting with scsi0 will be ignored.

A parameter that enables a feature that is not available on the used platform like
pciPassthru0.present = "true"
may produce an error-message or may be ignored.

Examples for a bad syntax:

numvcpus = "12"
value outside the supported range

numvcpus ="2
numvcpus ="2 "
bad quotes

scsi0:0.filename = c:\my vms\xp\test.vmdk
a path with a space is used without quotes

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