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VMware Converter 3.0.3



  • this version has the -boot switch and so can be used for Coldclones
    must be launched using the moa.exe right click option to start in coldclone mode
  • if installed on the fly and launched by clicking converter.exe directly it can be used hotclones


CD-only builds:

  • use the MOA-setup option
  • if that fails - install Converter 3.0.3 some where else - in a VM for example and copy the installation directory to
    - then rebuild the iso


USB builds:

  • if you have Converter 3.0.3 already installed somewhere simply copy the installation directory to R:\vm\converter
  • if not - boot MOA-bandit and install Converter 3.0.3 to R:\vm\converter

Tags: coldclone, converter

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