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Is using MOA legal ?

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I’ve been looking for some info about the legality of MOA – I’m sure it’s fine – VMware/Microsoft would have pulled it if not – but I’ve not seen any statements which refer to it.  I want to use it as cold clone CD in a commercial setting but want to check which licenses are required. The procedure uses a trial version of Server 2003, so does that mean I can legally only use the CD for 180 days before requiring to buy an extra Server 2003 license?  Thanks


Sorry - I really can't give you a final answer on this question.
If your company uses a Windows 2003 servicepack 2 CD with a Volume-license you should probably use that one to build MOA

As far as VMware is concerned it should be no problem.
Converter 3.0.3 is a free download - and I do not modify it in anyway.
Also I am the most active user in the VMTN-Converter section and have "advertised" MOA there when ever it was necessary - so I assume that VMware would have complained if I did anything illegal.

Anyway - I am no lawyer and as far as BartPE is concerned I can't make any waterproof legal statements.



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