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Configure memory behaviour for VMplayer on Windows Hosts

Host-wide memory behaviour is configured in the file config.ini
You can find the path to this file by inspecting a vmware.log

Search for a line like this

vmx| DICT --- SITE DEFAULTS C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Player\config.ini


Current VMplayer only sets this parameters:

installerDefaults.autoSoftwareUpdateEnabled = "no"
installerDefaults.componentDownloadEnabled = "yes"
installerDefaults.dataCollectionEnabled = "no"

If you add this lines a VM will not use a mainmem-file to backup the virtualRAM instead it tries to allocate all the virtual RAM in the real RAM + pagefile.
This settings make sense if you want to run a single VM with best possible performance.
Taskmanager of the host should show that the vmware-vmx.exe process that actually runs the VM uses slightly more than the assigned virtual RAM of the VM.

sched.mem.pshare.enable = "FALSE"
prefvmx.useRecommendedLockedMemSize = "TRUE"
prefvmx.minVmMemPct = "100"
mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"

If you want to run a lot of VMs or assign more RAM to a single VM then your host actually has you should use this lines. Obviously this way the VMs will be slower.

prefvmx.useRecommendedLockedMemSize = "TRUE"
prefvmx.minVmMemPct = "10"
mainMem.useNamedFile = "true"

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