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This class of parameters is used to configure theinteraction between host and guest.
Most of this parameters are undocumented so use them with care.

Misconfigured parameters will affect performance or cripple the functionality of the VMware-tools.


monitor_control.virtual_rdtsc = "false"
This should turn off TSC virtualisation

monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = "true"
if you want to run VMware inside a VM you will need this setting - it may cheat any program that scans for the VMware-backdoor channel like Ken Katos vmchk.exe.
It is NOT enough to cheat advanced VM-scanning methods like redpill or scoopy

monitor_control.enable_extended_svm = "true"
required to run ESX inside aWS 6.0. VM - use with AMD CPUs

monitor_control.vt32 = "true"
required to run ESX inside a WS 6.0 VM - use with Intel CPUs

monitor_control.disable_apic = "true"
some older versions of FreeBSD needed this entry to install
- no longer necessary

monitor_control.simmmu = "true"
monitor_control.mmu_adaptive = "true"
very old - used to install OpenStep
- no longer necessary

monitor_control.disable_longmode = "1"
force Solaris to install in 32bit-mode - see forum

monitor_control.pseudo_perfctr = "true"
timing issues ? - see forum

monitor_control.log_vmsample = "false"

monitor.usecHostedVSMPMaxSkew = 0
monitor.usecHostedVSMPYieldPoint = 0
may be used to improve performance of VMs with two or more virtual CPUs.
Handle with care !

monitor_control.disable_checkcodeexpire = "true"
monitor_control.disable_checkcode = "true"
old - used for MAC OS Tiger

monitor_control.disable_directexec = "true"
monitor_control.disable_chksimd = "true"
monitor_control.disable_ntreloc = "true"
monitor_control.disable_selfmod = "true"
monitor_control.disable_reloc = "true"
monitor_control.disable_btinout = "true"
monitor_control.disable_btmemspace = "true"
monitor_control.disable_btpriv = "true"
monitor_control.disable_btseg = "true"
disable VM-detection from more advanced detection mechanisms


monitor_control.enable_vmeopt = "true"
see kb 461

Tags: monitor_control, vmx

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