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Whats the problem with namedFiles / pagefile ?

good that you ask.
Running VMware from a LiveCD shows an issue that you will probably not notice on regular installs:
A VM either needs a namedFile or enough available free RAM or a pagefile to back up the virtual RAM.
MOA starts with no pagefile and this entry in config.ini:
mainmem.useNamedFile = "false"
This is good for performance but may prevent a VM to start at all in some constellations.
This is no bug - you just got to be aware of it.
So whenever possibe - set a pagefile.
If you have a large ramdrive you may use a namedFile in the ramdrive - be careful - you easily run out of ramdrive-space when you try to suspend a VM.
If you need to edit config.ini - do it before you start VMware.
File is here when booted:
R:\home\anybody\application data\vmware\vmware workstation\config.ini
and here at built-time:
..\pebuilder3110a\bartpe\moahome\home\anybody\application data\vmware\vmware workstation\config.ini

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