ID #1123

The file specified is not a virtual disk

VMware displays or popsup an error messages like this


Error : The filespecified is not a virtual disk

Platform : ESX , Workstation , Fusion



I guess you have already seen this error message …
sometimes the cause for this is banal - sometimes you are lost.
Recently I saw some cases I have not seen before so  here is an updated checklist for next time …

Listed from from easy - to - impossible to fix

- simple syntax error in external descriptor-file
- referenced file has been moved
- wiped out external descriptor-file
- simple syntax error in embedded descriptor
- wiped blank embedded descriptor
- wiped header of sparse vmdk
- wiped header of data slice of a twoGbMaxExtendFlat vmdk
- wiped header of data slice of a twoGbMaxExtendSparse vmdk
- referenced file is missing completely





Tags: error, virtual disk, vmdk

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