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How to change the adapter-type of an existing vmdk ?

A vmdk can be connected to different controllers

  • IDE
  • Bus-logic-controller
  • LSI-logic-controller
  • LSI-logic SAS-controller
  • new paravirtualised SCSI-controller

In the vmdk-description this is assigned in the parameter

ddb.adapterType =

The vmdk description only understands three values : "ide" , "buslogic" , "lsilogic"
For all the newer controllers like the LSI-SAS use "lsilogic".
If you need to change the adapter-type of a disk that is used to boot a guest it is recommended
to also change the disk-geometry.
If the disk is only used for data adjusting the geometry may not be necessary.
Keep in mind that the adapter-type for a VM is also configured in the vmx-file.
So if you rewrite a IDE-disk to a SCSI-disk do not forget to also change / check the vmx-file

ide0:0.filename = "ide-disk.vmdk"


scsi0.present = "true"
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"
scsi0:0.present = "true"
scsi0:0.filename = "changed-disk.vmdk"

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