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This is an updated summary of a lot of pages scattered all over

Target audience: VMware powerusers , Forensic Investigators , Data recovery

To avoid confusion I do not use terms like growable disk or preallocated disk. Instead I use the internal VMware names.
Most of the times when I mention Workstation the results also apply to other hosted platforms such as VMserver , VMplayer or Fusion. But do not count on that - Workstation is state of the art as far as vmdk-handling is concerned.
Other platforms may lack some of the newest features.

Part of this was copied from older sites I made so the style of writing may differ - this will be corrected later.

If you right now look for help in an emergency also visit my site

or contact me at VMTN or via email.

Hope you find this useful

Ulli Hankeln


Is this info trustworthy ?

Well you have to judge that yourself.
All I can say is that when ever somebody calls me to rescue his data I use the know how I summed up here.
So if it works ... enough said.

The usual disclaimer: if you reproduce anything explained here and it goes wrong it is your responsibility.

When you have to recover mission critical data ask VMware or Ontrack first.
Come back when both can not help you or in case you do not want to pay their service.

If you ask for help with data recovery from vmdks at VMTN or the german VMware-forum chances are high
that someone tells you to ask me so you can as well read on ...



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