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Initial setup for a MOA-CD

This step must be done by an administrator of a 32 bit Windows like XP or 2003. If you must use Vista use "run as" administrator

Create a dir on a drive with NTFS without spaces in the name.
Download and add this two files : X13-05665.img and moa241-setup.exe
Run the setup once and follow instructions. For latest instructions look here
Here is a video tutorial
When the first stage of the setup is done - close the setup and relaunch it. Then run
menu > postprocessing > infcache
menu > postprocessing > create standard iso
menu > postprocessing > ram-image bandit
menu > postprocessing > ram-image max

You should now have 3 iso-files in the directory iso-out.
You will need all of them ...

standard iso

with this Iso/CD you can boot your system on hosts/VMs with very little RAM. Lowest constellation known to work in a VM was 64 MB.


this ISO/CD should be used to boot VMs or when ever booting from USB is slow/ not wanted / not possible.
Actually this ISO/CD loads a file named BANDIT.IMG into RAM. Once it is loaded into RAM Windows continues booting from "virtual harddisk" mounted as X: This virtual harddisk is writeable. When Windows has finished booting the ISO/CD is no longer needed and you can eject it. As the system loads into RAM anyway it also does not really matter if you have booted from CD or USB.
When you boot from a USB-stick or a USB-disk or from a local hardisk you also use this BANDIT.IMG


this ISO/CD should be used for development work - this variant has a lot of free space in the Windows-directory so you can install large apps more easily. The drawback is that you need about 500 MB of RAM for the system alone.


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