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Easy install

Easyinstall is a new feature that was added with Workstation 7.

The "create new VM wizard" asks for a CD or ISO-file and scans its content.
If the wizard detects a known OS it automatically creates a Floppy-image and creates a silent-installation answer file.

This image uses the fixed name "autoinst.flp"

It is configured with this parameters:

floppy0.fileName = "autoinst.flp"
floppy0.clientDevice = "FALSE"

easyInstall.keepFloppy = "TRUE"

Easyinstall has a few issues that should be mentioned.

  • it may fail to detect the wanted version of Windows 7
  • it may produce Ubuntu-VMs with defunct keyboard
  • it may produce unexpected localisation result if used with non-US languages

Easyinstall also presets the nvram-file (the virtual BIOS) to use the CD-device for first boot.
On second boot of the VM it disconnects the CD used during install and changes to the appropriate
vmware-tools-iso file.
On a Windows guest Easyinstall uses a runOnce registry entry which will launch a silent installation of the VMware-tools on second boot.

After the first boot the parameter

floppy0.fileName = "autoinst.flp"

will be removed and the floppy0 is configured like

floppy0.autodetect = "TRUE"
floppy0.fileType = "device"
floppy0.fileName = ""
floppy0.clientDevice = "FALSE"


sometimes Easyinstall does not cleanup after the installation.

If a guest starts the installation again on second or third boot check if the "autoinst.flp" sill exists.
If yes - rename it or delete it to prevent the installation from starting all over again

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